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Enjoying your meal with family at the dining table while indulging in lively conversations has its own charm. Wondering how to move from the ritual of having your meals in front of the TV to an electronics-free dining space? Investing in a good dining table set is a great place to start. Keep reading for some actionable tips to make your dining room interior look fabulous.

Tips to Choose Your Perfect Dining Table Set

1. How much space do you have?

'Dropping' a dining table and chairs into your online shopping cart will take a few minutes. But the problem starts when you try to fit that furniture piece into your tiny dining space. Sounds familiar? We have all been there!.
To get dining table design ideas right, check the dimensions of your space. Leave enough room for movement to make serving easy. At first glance, you will need approximately three feet of room around the wooden dining table for most mid-sized dining areas

2. Avoid overcrowding

No one appreciates a crowded dining area. If you want to avoid elbows bumping into each other or the soup falling on your guest's lap, keeping some space between chairs is better. If it is a dining table set for six, for example, don't try to push in extra dining chairs to seat more people, as it will compromise the utility of the furniture. It's also important to take into consideration the width of the dining table's legs and their placement. A dining table with thinner legs such as Orion dining table can make room for a couple of extra dining chairs when placed in the corner.


3. Small tables are for small spaces

A small dining table set will be a perfect choice if you have a compact dining room. Sometimes, buying dining room furniture as a set is not the most practical decision. Based on your dining room space, you can mix and match or purchase extra dining chairs that can be used in other rooms. Do not forget that Furnmill dining room furniture in solid wood trumps furniture items in other materials, such as engineered wood.

4. Creative Seating for small areas 

Long rectangular tables like Furnmill's Orion Dining Table with sleek chairs like Orion Dining Chairs are what you need for a narrow stretch of space. Or, you can play around with a mix of dining chairs if the space allows. Dining Chairs can also add elegance and style to the décor. To take it up a notch, don't go uniform with your colour scheme. Let the chair upholstery add a pop of colour to the décor.


Seating furniture, such as chairs that slide under the table, is excellent when there is a space crunch. Check out our dining room furniture that is designed keeping in mind your needs and style. If you are worried about the right match, check online furniture stores to put your mind at ease.

5. What dimensions should you consider?

As mentioned, dimensions are vital when choosing a dining table. For a small space, go for a 36-to-48-inch diameter table. Or, you can opt for a 36-to-44-inch square table if you want something different. On the other hand, while six-seater dining sets have a more formal look, you will need a minimum of 72 inches to accommodate six people. When spaced out properly, all wooden dining table designs across dimensions, sizes, and shapes from Furnmill assure elegance and style.

6. Should you opt for a square table?

Adding a square table to your home furniture collection adds a unique yet intimate look and feel to your interior decor. A small table is perfect for small families, while a large square table suits larger groups. If you are keen to buy a square table, you can opt for a four-seater dining set. This way, you can accommodate more people when the need arises in your classic dining room furniture.

7. Do not compromise on the style

There are several styles to choose from when it comes to timeless dining room furniture, and your choice should reflect the décor you have picked for the rest of the house. While smart and sophisticated dining table designs, such as chicago dining table , look great. With urban home decor, opt for Furnmill's solid wood furniture with multifunctional designs if you want a more understated look.


8. What sort of seating should you have?

The latest trends in home decor allow you to play with different styles, colours, and seating designs. For a mix and match of upholstery colours, you can go for muted tones of jade green with blue or even add a quirky touch to your solid wood dining table by adding stripes and prints among a pool of plain shades. Furnmill's solid wood furniture lets you choose from a wide range of classic and modern designs so that you can choose something that goes the best with your aesthetic.



Decorating your dining area is not difficult once you grasp the basics, and with Furnmill, you can now buy furniture online from the comfort of your home. Check out the wide range of dining room furniture collection on Furmill today!